A Passionate & Ambitious Team

Biofresh was obtained by ecoCare Group of Companies at the end of 2019. The founders of ecoCare has over 33 years of experience since the washroom hygiene industry emerged & grew in South East Asia. Armed with real experience and supported by an International business network built since 1988, Biofresh is confident that it will always be able to anticipate the needs & develops technological innovation of products and services, so Biofresh can always be at the forefront of the industry. 


Managing Director

Rondy Yunanda

Rondy Yunanda is part of ecoCare Malaysia & joins Biofresh in 2019. He has brought with him a broad commercial and corporate experience gained across different executive positions from his past banking roles. Prior to joining Biofresh, he was an associate director in CIMB Investment Bank, with stints across various departments covering equities trading & investments; and corporate sales for various treasury products and asset classes. Rondy is an honorary graduate in Finance, Accounting, and Management from the University of Nottingham. Rondy is responsible for the overall development, strategic direction, and management of Biofresh.


Executive Director

Nicholas Shahril

Nicholas joins Biofresh in 2019 from ecoCare Malaysia & brings over a decade of IT & management experience across different positions in his past roles. He will oversee all developments, assist in strategic directions, monitors operations and assist the managing director with the management of Biofresh. 

General Manager

Alvin Lee

Alvin brings a wealth of experience in hygiene industry with over 27 years of being in the cleaning and also in the washroom hygiene industry. He started as a sales consultant managing a number of multinational factories, international hotels, government agencies & corporate clients. Throughout his career he has progressed from sales to branch manager to general manager of Biofresh in 2008. Since then he has helped start up & grow the company whilst managing the company’s operations sales and marketing including customer care.